Who is at Risk?


Understanding the Risks

Although UFE complications are rare, any medical procedure carries some degree of risk. Despite the low risk factor, it is important to understand the potential complications associated with UFE.

These include:

  • Embolization of non-target organs (bowel, bladder, nerves, and buttock)

  • Sexual dysfunction related to non-target embolization (cervicovaginal branch)

  • Transient, intermittent or permanent amenorrhea

  • Common short-term allergic reaction/rash

  • Vaginal discharge/infection

  • Possible fibroid passage (transcervical passage of fibroid; can cause discharge, cramps, and possible urinary retention)

  • Post-embolization syndrome (post-procedure pain, fever, tiredness, and elevated white blood cell count)

As with any medical procedure, discuss the risks and complications of UFE with your Interventional Radiologist.


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